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Heardle 70s is one of the newest and possibly the most fun Wordle spinoffs. It’s basically a modernized Wordle version of “Name That Tune.” If word games aren’t your thing and you’re searching for a way to decompress, Heardle might be the perfect game for you. Here are some things to be aware of regarding the musical guessing game, including its incredible advantages!

What is Heardle 70s?

Heardle 70s made its debut in 2022, at the height of Wordle-mania. It became so well-known that Spotify bought it, but the massive streaming service shut it down in 2023. Even while Heardle may no longer exist in its original form, a Google search will still provide a number of different iterations of the game. (Here is our top pick; scroll below.)

The gameplay of Heardle is simple in all versions. You get six chances to guess the song’s title and artist after a brief preview of the song’s beginning plays. You hear a little bit more of the music with each guess, but the objective is to identify the track in the fewest attempts possible.

Heardle 70s

How To Play Heardle 70s?

  • To begin the music, make sure your volume is on and press the play button.
  • The first two seconds of the song will then play.
  • The skip button adds a second to the music and advances you to your next turn.
  • Options for the song and artist will automatically appear as soon as you begin typing in your guess; for instance, the screenshot below illustrates what it looks like when you write in the letter “A.” You can select an item from the menu as you type the artist’s name and name; the menu will get smaller as you proceed.
  • Congratulations if you were able to properly identify the song in six guesses or less! You’ve mastered Heardle. If not, you’ll have more luck the next time.
  • Every day, a brand-new Heardle 70s game is available to play. It indicates how long it will be until the next game is up after yours is over.

What genre of music does Heardle play?

The game may have been particularly challenging for those of us who weren’t up to date on popular music because the original Heardle tracks were restricted to the top-streamed singles of the previous ten years.

Heardle is now available in a version to suit every musical preference. There are many entertaining games available on Heardle Decades, all of which adhere to the basic Heardle rules. Whether you enjoy hip-hop, new wave, or classic 1950s melodies, there’s a Heardle out there that fits your taste in music. Our particular favorite? Heardle (1970s). (Even without an app, you can still play Heardle through the internet on your phone or tablet.) You can make your game more interesting by adding some more popular hits of different and mixed eras. To do so you have to choose the heardle 70s, 80s 90s and play the game with mixed music to make it more incredible. 

Heardle 70s Answer Today

Looking for heardle 70s today answer can help you to win the game by providing you some hints of the game of the present day. Meanwhile, here we have given the list of answers of this game of 12 April 2024 that is based on our research:

Heardle 60s: Tossin’ and Turnin’ by Bobby Lewis

Heardle 70s: The Cisco Kid by War.

Heardle 80s:  Move Closer by Phyllis Nelson

Heardle 90s: Kingston Town by UB40

Playing music games like Heardle 70s has various advantages

Research indicates that playing music-based games like Heardle 70s can improve our mental and physical health, particularly as we age. They’re also a great way to kill time.

Reduces the chemicals associated with stress

According to recent studies, listening to nostalgic music might be especially uplifting. In fact, it showed that listening to music reduces the amount of the stress hormone cortisol released by the body. The same study cited other studies that found there was no discernible impact of music on cortisol levels.

Increases mental capacity

According to Japanese scientists, listening to dance-inspiring music (like Abba’s “Dancing Queen”) improves thinking in just three minutes. Dancing to rhythmically-groomed tunes stimulates the brain, enhancing working memory—which is necessary for multitasking—attention, planning, and problem-solving abilities.

Heardle 70s

Improves memory

Short bursts of low to moderate “good” stress, such as playing a pleasant phone game, stimulate brain regions that enhance working memory, according to a recent University of Georgia study. Playing games can even improve our cognitive abilities because they help us concentrate and use our memories.

Enhances hearing

 Sing along when you’ve guessed the correct song! Women’s capacity to hear conversation (even in noisy environments) increased by up to 20% in just ten weeks when they sang on a weekly basis. According to Canadian experts, singing improves hearing by training the brain to look for musical notes.


Heardle 70s might be the right choice for you if you’re searching for a new game or just like to listen more than spell. The game itself can be surprisingly difficult, yet the rules are simple enough to pick up in a matter of minutes. Not yet persuaded? The advantages of both music and gameplay present a strong argument in favor of playing. Thus, why do you delay? Give that song a name now!


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