Azhar Iqubal Net Worth by 2024. A Judge On Shark Tank India


Azhar Iqubal Net Worth in 2024. One of the most well-known entrepreneurs in India, Azhar founded the well-known firm Inshort. Most recently, He added as one of the six new Sharks for this season’s Shark Tank India 3 panel. He rose to prominence in the media and gained notoriety after joining Shark Tank India as a judge in season three.

This is the reason why a lot of people are curious about Azhar and even more so about Azhar Iqubal’s net worth. For this reason, we are here to assist you in determining Azhar net worth and what he does for his living.

Azhar Iqubal March 2024 Net Worth

Azhar Iqubal net worth is approximately INR 500 crores, according to a recent media report. This amount is derived from the most recent news article. However, this projected net worth gives you an idea of how much a person is worth in the actual world. Azhar Iqubal’s wealth is derived from a number of sources, It includes his presence in shark tank and his own company Inshorts. His estimated net worth is raised with his company, with over 119 Million USD in investments. Also, he loves cars and for that he owns Porsche 718 Boxster. It has a beautiful structure with a 7-speed PDK gearbox. The car costs 1.5 crore in India and begins from $72,050 in the USA.

In Season Three of Shark Tank, Azhar Iqubal Entry

When news broke that Azhar Iqubal would joining the Shark Tank India judging panel, viewers thrilled. His unique perspective as a successful businessman adds a fresh perspective to the show. Expectations are high as entrepreneurs get ready to pitch their ideas to a judge who has a successful track record.

Azhar Iqubal

Azhar Iqubal Individual Specifics

1993 saw the birth of Azhar Iqubal in Bihar Kishanganj. Azhar Iqubal started preparing for the IIT JEE after finishing his 12th grade. In 2009, he accepted into IIT Delhi after passing the entrance exam. He began working as an entrepreneur in the middle of his computer science engineering degree program. He eventually intended to stop his studies and begin his career as a full-time entrepreneur.

Azhar Iqubal’s Journey Is Fraught with Successes And Challenges

Entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, and Azhar Iqubal’s journey is no exception. His triumph over obstacles and ability to learn from failures has been heavily credited with his accomplishment. Examining both failures and successes provides valuable knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What Is Inshorts?

Azhar Iqubal left IIT Delhi in 2013 to devote all of his time to the firm. They released the News In Shorts mobile app on September 4, 2013. This app featured trending news that could readily consumed in thirty seconds or less by sticking to a word restriction of sixty words or less. Azhar hired experienced authors and started monetizing the platform with ads. As a result, the popularity of this app has increased.

Azhar Iqubal

They modified or relaunched their software as “Inshorts” in 2015 and made it available to Apple users. Which helps in establishing a significant position for themselves in the online news market. Through multiple funding rounds, the startup has raised more than $119 million, according to Mint. Companies like Times Internet, VY Capital, Rebright Partners, Tiger Global, and others have also invested in Inshorts.

As per the recent reports, He has changed his role from co-founder and chief executive to the chairman of the company. He changed the position with Deepit Purkayastha and made him CEO of the company. He said that after serving for 11 years in his organization, he wants to change his role as an chairman. Additionally, he said that he will delighted to see his co-founder Deepit working for the company.

Azhar Iqubal’s Lifestyle and Investments

Iqubal is relatively new to the world of angel investing. He is eager to increase the size of his portfolio by interacting with India’s startup scene after becoming a Shark on Shark Tank India. Tracxn records show that he has only made one investment in a firm, Quickpay. Aside from his career, Iqubal is an enthusiastic traveler with an adventurous attitude. He is looking to have exhilarating experiences in life, whether it is skydiving or scuba diving. 

Factors Affecting Azhar Iqubal Net Worth

Azhar Iqubal’s wealth is abundant in his accomplishments and accolades, as evidenced by the success of Inshorts. Iqubal was regarded as a pioneer in the field and upended traditional media because of the innovative way the app delivered news. In addition, Azhar’s investments and business ventures have significantly increased his wealth.

Azhar Iqubal On Social Media

Instagram136k Followers
Inshorts76.9k Followers

In summary

In conclusion, Azhar Iqubal’s journey is not just a story of success. It also provides inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, changes the media environment. And shows what possibilities arise, when a person’s perseverance and passion are united. 

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